About Us

Davitt, Inc., founded in 1982 by Matt Davitt, is comprisedĀ of more than 20 full-time employees who have expertise in every area of coastal and luxury home building. Matt is a Certified Master Builder and a leader in the design-build industry both regionally and nationally. He is often called upon to discuss the design build concept, building trends and economic conditions facing the construction industry. Matt has built a team of talented architects, designers, expert builders and project managers. Our work can be seen throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut, as well as throughout New England.

Since our inception nearly forty years ago, our steadfast goal has been to provide our clients with an exceptional experience through our design build process. This method of open and honest collaboration has resulted in long-term relationships with our clients, many of which we have built second and third homes for. Our clients often refer us to their friends and acquaintances, creating a powerful word of mouth network.

Davitt Culture

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